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We work to solve problems in various industries and deliver innovative solutions

If you need a partner who understands your building and business needs, not just a contractor, we are here to help. Our multi-disciplinary teams have expertise in mechanical, electrical, Integrated Building Technology, and building services, and can work on projects of any scale.


Solve Challenges & Create Solutions


Our team offers expertise in upgrading building systems, controlling costs, and reducing carbon footprints for various sectors. We provide exceptional service, identify improvement opportunities, define goals, implement tailored solutions, and monitor results to achieve business objectives.


Our team takes the guesswork out of investing in building automation by designing and installing a system that meets your specific business goals, carrying and servicing solutions from market-leading vendors based on open standards, positioning you to take advantage of emerging technologies.


Ener3 offers comprehensive automation services, working closely with end-users and/or contractors to design, develop and troubleshoot complete systems, including PLCs, HMI user interfaces, remote operation, and SCADA systems, as well as providing upgrades and repairs to existing systems.

Combustion Controls
& TSSA Prep

Ener3 can help you optimize your combustion system’s efficiency through routine maintenance and upgrades. Our skilled combustion engineers can integrate the latest technology and prepare TSSA documentation for safety approvals, ensuring that all equipment meets the necessary requirements and standards.

Panel Design
& Fabrication

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom control panels for a range of industries, using a combination of engineering and lean manufacturing practices, while working collaboratively with clients to ensure precise and detailed documentation and testing to client specifications.

Electrical & Controls

We analyze and identify issues with electrical systems, components, and equipment, and implement solutions to fix them through testing, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. Our technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and practical experience ensures safe and effective electrical systems.


Energy Solutions

Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency

Would you believe us if we told you, it’s possible to increase energy efficiency and decrease your building’s greenhouse gases all while saving thousands of dollars?

With Ener3 it is.

0% of an average building’s operating budget is spent on utilities
0% or more of a building’s energy is wasted due to over-supplied HVAC systems

Save up to 30%
with Ener3

Our BAS solution allows you to save up to 30% off your buildings operating costs. Start saving today!

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Together, we can improve comfort and efficiency in the way people work and live. Learn how today!