The Ener3 Advantage

Our focus is on creating spaces that cater to indoor living, supporting the building’s lifespan and enhancing the community’s quality of life. Ener3 possesses the necessary expertise to assist you in achieving the desired outcomes of efficiency, energy savings and profitability.

We have the capacity and flexibility to undertake any project, irrespective of size, including building automation, electrical, preventative maintenance, and others.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services that adhere to the highest standards. We are problem-solvers who work tirelessly to resolve any challenges that may arise, without exception.


Energy Solutions

Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency

Would you believe us if we told you, it’s possible to increase energy efficiency and decrease your building’s greenhouse gases all while saving thousands of dollars?

With Ener3 it is.

0% of an average building’s operating budget is spent on utilities
0% or more of a building’s energy is wasted due to over-supplied HVAC systems

Save up to 30%
with Ener3

Our BAS solution allows you to save up to 30% off your buildings operating costs. Start saving today!



We work to solve challenges in various industries

Multi Residential

Our solution helps residential condos achieve their carbon reduction goals and improve sustainability while also benefiting the bottom line and enhancing occupant comfort.


Automation in industrial plants can help increase efficiency, reduce production time, and lower costs. Automated systems can also improve safety by taking on hazardous tasks.


We can assist commercial spaces reduce energy consumption, save costs, improve occupant satisfaction and productivity, all while ensuring safety and security.


We can help the agriculture sector by providing technologies which optimize crop yields, reduce labor costs, provide real-time monitoring and minimize environmental impact.